I always thought I’d be a full-time journalist. After college, I couldn’t get a writing job to save my life (it was likely never an easy gig to get). Even though it was pre-internet, there were plenty of ‘zines and newsletters that needed contributors. Even though it was pre-internet, there was still no pay 😉

I freelanced then, and continue to do so on occasion. Luckily now, my expertise allows for reciprocity for my work. It feels good to tell stories (which is why I do PR), and this editorial platform allows me to do so in a different way.

Here are some recent pieces for The Rich Daily by yours truly:

1. Insider Tips from a PR Pro: How To Write A Great Press Release

giving you the basics of how to craft a legit press release

2. The Creative Brief: What Is It and Why Does Every Business Need One?

Ad man Howard Ibach explains the what, why, and how of the creative brief (a document       I now use for every campaign)

3. Redefining Exceptionalism: Winning In The Middle of The Pack

David Richman is a sweat entrepreneur who applies lessons from endurance athletics to             business and life – great encouragement and opportunity for self-analysis

4. The “Om” Office: Lessons from Silicon Valley about Mindful Work Environments

tips for having a sunshine day at work (play, tunes, meditation, etc.)

5.  Christy Whitman Interview: How To Use The Law of Attraction for Success

leading Law of Attraction coach talks about its application in the workplace

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